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Task ownership independent of story ownership

My backlog has several months of potential work. There is a challenge in setting the scope of a story to fit within a two week iteration, but the challenge becomes much more difficult when looking forward three months, scoping to a single contributor's available time and separate abilities. See the abstract example below based on our real-world scenario.

Story: Allow customer to select feature x
Task 1: create stored procedure to update customer data for feature x
Task 2: modify api to accept input from ui to accept feature x, execute stored proc
Task 3: add button on ui that executes feature x, calls api when pressed.

Each task would likely have a different owner, but the story is single unit. When 3 months out, it would be difficult (and waterfall-ish) to break down the 3 independent tasks that go with feature x as separate stories. What I'd like to do is create tasks for the user story during iteration planning, and have ownership assigned per task, and tracked independently. The user story's status would reflect the status of the tasks.

Alternatively, user story dependencies could be used to serve the same purpose.
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