Custom story workflow/states/status (was 'more acceptance states to support testing on multiple environments')

we are feeling frustrated by a lack of communication because tracker lacks a few states that are integral to our workflow. We need to be able to communicate when something has been accepted on our demo server, on staging and finally on production.

- not yet started
- started
- finished
- delivered
- accepted (on demo)
- rejected (on demo)
- accepted (on staging)
- rejected (on staging)
- accepted (on production)
- rejected (on production)
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  • I’m frustrated
    This is pretty silly.

    I can't even have two rounds of QA "internally approved" and "client approved".

    Jumping through hoops and explaining to clients they have to add an "OK to push to prod" label is just not professional and has burned us many times already.

    Not having this is literally the worst part of the Pivotal Tracker experience for us.

    @Lisa Crispin, it's nice that labels are sufficient for your team, who I'm sure have a lot of experience with the software and feel comfortable using technology like this as part of a daily workflow. I'm telling you from a lot of personal experience that your average client finds this approach frustrating, confusing and prone to mistakes. When planning your roadmap please consider carefully who you think your customer base is, your hand-selected internal team, or agencies that have to regularly work with 3rd parties.
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